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A surprising number of adults have not made sound provision for their dependents after their death by drawing up a Will; they often have no idea who benefits from their Estate, after they pass away, when a Will has not been made.

Provision for dependents

Yet you can easily ensure your Estate is as straightforward as possible to administer for those that you leave behind. By making a Will you will ensure that your assets are handled with maximum tax efficiency and that funds for your children are held in an appropriate manner; you can also guarantee that money or possessions pass to them at the age you wish.

No Will, no entitlement

If you do not have a legally recognised Will, your entire Estate will not necessarily be left to your next of kin or surviving spouse. An unmarried partner has no automatic entitlement to your assets and you may unintentionally disinherit your children. To make matters worse, you could find that the family home may have to be sold, leaving behind less inheritance than you thought.

Executors and guardians

Difficulties with certain issues can also arise regarding the appointment of Executors and Guardians.

Anxiety and cost

If you die without making a Will, you could cause added emotional difficulty to your close family, and friends and at a time when they may be least able to cope. If the absence of a Will causes delay in the administrative process to sort out your possessions, family are likely to be asked to pay funeral and other costs from their own pockets. There is also the added risk of causing family argument and divisions.

Simple Single Will - £175.00 + VAT @ 20% (£210.00)
Simple Mirror Wills (2 people) - £250.00 + VAT @ 20% (£300.00)
Life Interest Trust Joint Wills (2 people) (No Severance of Joint Tenancy) - £350.00 + VAT @ 20% (£420.00)
Life Interest Trust Joint Wills (2 people) + Severance of Joint Tenancy - £450.00 + VAT @ 20% (£540.00)

Lasting Power of Attorney - £200.00 + VAT @ 20% (£240.00)
Pair of LPAs - £300.00 + VAT @ 20% (£360.00)
x2 Pairs of LPAs - £500.00 + VAT @ 20% (£600.00)
Fee to the Office of the Public Guardian per LPA - £82.00

Home Visit - £80.00 + VAT @ 20% (£96.00) within 20 miles of Anstey
Simple Property Trust Deeds - £250.00 + VAT @ 20% (£300.00)
Severance of Joint Tenancy - £250.00 + VAT @ 20% (£300.00)

Probate Fees:

Collecting in Information for Probate Application - £750.00 + VAT @ 20% (£900.00)
Making an Application for a Grant of Probate - £750.00 + VAT @ 20% (£900.00)
Administration of Estate after Probate £750.00 +VAT @ 20% (£900.00)
Fee to the Probate Registry - £273.00 + £1.50 per copy

Please note that these fees are examples for routine matters. Charges will vary in accordance with the amount of work involved.

VAT is Value Added Tax currentley chargeable @ 20% on our stated fees

We can help you to protect your interests, supporting you to make the right decisions about your Estate Administration issues. You will gain peace of mind, knowing that upon your death your Estate will be handled with proper care and thought for your chosen beneficiaries.

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